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20th Anniversary Symposium: Escaping the Burden of Silence -- Adult Children and Grandchildren of Victims and of Perpetrators of the Shoah/Holocaust in Dialogue

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In-Depth Descriptions

The Austrian Encounter by Bobbie Goldman

The Seventh Encounter by Bobbie Goldman

The Austrian Encounter by Samson Munn

Die österreichische Begegnungsruppe by Samson Munn


Ein Weg aus der "Last des Schweigens" -- "The Austrian Encounter" -- ein Dialog zwischen Kindern von Opfern und von Tätern des Holocaust by Elenore Fischer

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Last Minute Announcements-- see information regarding December 2015 symposium in Vienna, above!


Summary Mission Statement

The original and primary purpose of The Austrian Encounter (TAE) was and is to foster honest, revealing, thoughtful, ethical, intellectual, emotional and constructive encounters between descendants of victims of the Austrian component of the Holocaust (who are/were especially but not exclusively Jewish, Roma or Sinti) and descendants of Austrian Nazi perpetrators and/or their collaborators who perpetrated in Austria (who are/were especially but not exclusively German and Austrian); "constructive" is meant importantly both interpersonally and internationally, and in the senses of a) providing leadership and coordination in this area, b) mollifying tensions and diminishing prejudices by deeply enhancing tolerance and understanding, and c) forging bridges and avenues of communication between individuals and groups with parallel goals.

Summary History of Meetings

The Austrian Encounter (TAE) originally met in Vienna in June 1995 as a group of ~ thirteen people whose parents related primarily to Austria: sons and daughters of Holocaust victims (from the U.S.), and daughters and sons of Nazi perpetrators (from Austria and Germany). It was founded by Samson Munn, who facilitates. The group has met four more times since 1995, mostly in Vienna but most recently in the Boston area (July 2000). TAE meets intensively and privately. TAE participants have been the subjects of positive newspaper articles, have written articles and chapters in books about related work, and have spoken publicly at open meetings in Berlin, in Boston, in Vienna and elsewhere.

Summary Financial Information

The Austrian Encounter may be financially supported by donation. Donations may be made by check, made out to the name of any of the three individuals named in Contact Information, below. A donation made to TRT would be gratefully received; donations are:

NOT U.S. tax-exempt, nor is it tax-deductible in any other country.

TAE has no paid employees. Thus, except for very minimal clerical expenses, almost 100 cents of your donated dollar go toward TRT's or TAE's work! A donation may be explicitly designated for TAE when made. TAE will most gratefully receive a donation so designated!

Post your check to the street address you will be given by the individual in Contact Information whom you contact, and in whose name the check will be made out.


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In-Depth Descriptions

For an in-depth discussion of the purpose, composition, activites and genesis of The Austrian Encounter:

The Austrian Encounter by Bobbie Goldman

The Seventh Encounter by Bobbie Goldman

The Austrian Encounter by Samson Munn

Die österreichische Begegnungsruppe by Samson Munn

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In our case, the "ws" stands simply for "web site" — easy to remember !

"Nach" is a German word which (in different constructions) can mean "to", "toward" and "after." Since we in The Austrian Encounter address what and whom we came after, we look to and are striving toward, it is fitting that our address be:


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